New HOPG test samples available


Besides our wide assortment of AFM cantilevers and silicon grating some other products are also very popular between researchers from various countries. Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite is one of such products. This line of products was started many years ago in the restricted set of thickness and dimensions. From the very beginning we suggested that AFM scientists work with similar sample's holder and our assortment will be just enough to satisfy their needs. 

But now we meet very often requests from people, who are not assosiated with scanning probe microscopy at all. HOPG samples application field is very wide due to their structural flexibility and atomic smoothness.

So now, to meet all possible requirements, we decided to broaden our assortment of HOPG samples. We have added several samples of higher lateral size and thickness in all categories from A to H. As usually, you may check the whole assortment at the HOPG and test substrates' part of our web-site.

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